Rabbit meat can be used in most ways chicken is
used.  Rabbit meat is an ALL white, finely grained,
and mild flavored meat.  Like other lean meats, rabbit
meat is a good source of high quality proteins.

Small young rabbits (fryers, 1½ to 2 pounds ready to
cook) may be fried in much the same ways as
chicken. They may be also stewed or braised and
used in various recipes.

Larger fryers and roasters need longer, slower
cooking in a covered pan. Best methods of cooking
are stewing or braising on top of the range or in the
oven. Liquid used in braising may be a sauce or other
liquid (wine) that adds flavor to the dish.

From a small rabbit 1½ to 3½ pounds ready to cook,
you may expect 2 to 4½ cups of cooked meat.  Larger
rabbits should yield about 1½ cups of cooked meat
per pound of ready to cook weight.

  • Rabbit meat is an all white meat.

  • Rabbit meat has only 620 calories per pound.

  • Rabbit meat has a high percentage of protein.

  • Rabbit meat is lower in fat and cholesterol
    than chicken, turkey, beef, or pork.

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Rabbit Meat