Got Lambs?

The answer to that is unequivocally "YES!" Our ewes
have been very busy this year giving us a new herd of
youngsters to continue on. We have doubled the size
of our herd in the past year. We are planning on
keeping all our girls and breeding them up for future
generations of the herd.

Also, we have found some folks are interested in
sheep's milk cheese. Though I personally am a bit
skeptical, I am more than happy to try to
accommodate these adventurous souls.Our sheep,
like all the other animals here are mostly grass fed,
though we supplement their feed with garden scraps,
hay, and a small amount of commercially available
grain in the winter months.

In keeping with our farm philosophy, our animals are
raised as humanely and lovingly as possible. They
are kept in a fenced area about 13 acres in size. They
have plenty of grass available and enjoy a free choice
water supply

We believe that the animals should be treated with
the utmost respect and consideration. We try to
provide them with the best lives they can enjoy. They
are kept clean, provided ample food and water, and
left to graze the yard when we are home. We pet or
scratch each one daily. We interact with them each
and everyday. They are just like pets to us.
twin boys