These are just some of the 400 or so
chickens we have on the farm. Many of
our chickens are laying hens. Currently
we have Rhode Island Reds,
Leghorns, Aracuna's, and Barred

In addition, we also have some more
fancy chicken breeds like Silkies.
In keeping with our philosophy, our animals are always treated humanely. We believe that the animals
should be treated with the utmost respect and consideration. We try to provide them with the best lives
they can enjoy. They are kept clean, provided ample food and water, and left to graze the yard when we
are home. We pet or scratch most of them daily. We interact with them each and everyday. They are
almost pets to us.

Our laying hens are housed in a large airy coop. They have access to the outside runs. They spend the
majority of their day out pecking around the yard, eating grass and bugs, and just generally being happy.

We also raise broiler chickens for meat. These chickens are bred especially for this purpose. We raise
them naturally in large, moveable pens called "chicken tractors". The birds peck around in the grass,
enjoying the sunshine all day long.