The Farm

Valley View Farm is located on Sopers Mill Rd in Auburn, Maine. The farm consists of
about 75 acres at our main location and another forty acres a short distance away. Until
2007 a great deal of the land was in tree growth. That year most of it was harvested in
preparation of increasing the pasture and garden acreage. We also grow a limited
amount of produce at gardens in Yarmouth and Falmouth.

Several rabbit hutches cluster around the yard, housing the many ducks, geese, and
chickens that free range around the yard. In spring 2009 we consolidated the rabbits in a
new homemade custom made hutch.

The pig pen is a two wire electric enclosure that gets moved about to ensure the pigs stay
busy tilling our gardens for next growing season. We have a portable shelter that moves
along with the enclosure to ensure the pigs comfort.

Most of the larger animals stay in a paddock / pasture located south of the house. They
have the lower 35 acres to graze about freely.

One of the two 80 foot greenhouses has been transformed into a chicken coop. This coop
houses almost 400 chickens, some guinea hens and a few heritage breed turkeys.  
These birds free range around the farm and come and go in their coop most anytime they
choose. In addition, we have lots of geese and ducks running all over the farm free
ranging. We have added four peacocks that we let roam around as well.  

Our History

Kathy has been farming this property since the late 90's. She had been mostly
concentrating on utilizing her greenhouses and garden space to supply her gardening
business, growing flowers and a limited selection of vegetables for her regular

Shortly after moving in she decided to sell her flowers and veggies at the Cumberland
Farmers Market. This lead to the gradual increase in types of vegetables produced on the

Around 2005 Joe entered Kathy's life. He was not a farmer, but tried to encourage Kathy in
her business and dreams. As they began to fall in love, they realized they would both
enjoy expanding the property into a proper farm.

Kathy had always had exotic birds like peacocks and pigeons. She also had chickens,
turkeys, ducks, a mini horse, goats, sheep, and dogs. To this menagerie they have added
more mini horses, cows, pigs, lots more ducks and chickens, a mule, and more goats.

We have had some acreage cleared to make way for increasing the garden space and
the pasture space. We hope to add more cows in the near future and expand our pig/pork
program that has proved very popular.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is really quite simple; enjoy life and leave the planet better off than when
we arrived. Toward that end, we are working to build sustainable agricultural practices at
our farm. We will not use pesticides here. We will use proper crop rotation to best foster
productive soils. We use our pigs, goats,  sheep and cows to clear pastures and till and
fertilize the land. We want to use our tractors as little as possible.

The Future

We plan to continue to offer an ever wider selection of fresh produce and meats to our
customers. We plan to find new ways to get our products to more people through
expanded farmers' markets, food buying clubs or perhaps even home delivery. If you can
think of a way we can serve you better, please email us and let us know.
About Valley View Farm