What a great year for crops and ...

The high tunnel is a great success!!!

The high tunnel we worked on all last fall and early this spring has been a great
success. After using a portion of it for growing some meat chickens earlier this year, it is
now completely dedicated to greens.

Pigs pigs pigs!!!!

We have really upped our commitment to pigs. We now have more than 40 and are
looking to increase that number. Along with this building of the herd, mob, drove, or
sounder of pigs is a need for adequate fencing and housing. So we are busy getting
electric wire to all our fields. It is another big undertaking, but pigs are great to have
around. They are doing a great deal of tilling in the fields and we hope to save alot on
diesel fuel by having them turn the ground over.
Welcome to Valley View Farm!!!